I see shadows of our whole existence in the dance.

Gender roles on the dancefloor?

How is it that there are more males than females on the psyfloor, when in traditional pair dances are more females?
How do we create polarities and what do we do with it?
How dos it affect the energy on the dancefloor when Girls are afraid to lock guys in their eyes and smile?
and Why are it so?


Energy System / Torus Awareness 


 I talk about the Torus energy system
that is at the root of all forms.

The human energy field, the dance floor, the earth, atoms, and the entire cosmos all have the Torus as the underlying structure in a nice mathematical Fibonacci pattern.

I working a lot with the Torus in the dance to canalize energy and go into transcendental states and still learning a lot from it.

I am passionate to share my understanding of dance so far and listen to other people’s angles, experiences, and thoughts of the subject.

Together we evolve our knowledge and get new ideas to try out in the dancefloor to see if it suits os.

Perhaps we get better to connect to the universal power for increased energy and well-being.